WFP Window Cleaning: Kid Version

WFP Window Cleaning: Kid Version

Imagine you have a magic wand that can make windows sparkle and shine without touching them. That's kind of like what water-fed pole window cleaning does!

You know how when you play with water, it sometimes leaves little spots on things when it dries? Well, regular water has tiny things called minerals that can stick to windows and make them look not-so-clear. But with water-fed pole cleaning, we use special water that doesn't have those minerals. It's like using super clean water that won't leave any spots when it dries.

Now, this special water goes up a long pole that's almost like a big straw. At the end of the pole, there's a brush that we can move around on the windows. But here's the cool part: the brush sprays the special water onto the windows while we're brushing! So the water helps loosen up the dirt and dust on the windows.

When the special water and the brush work together, they make the windows clean and shiny. And the best part is, we don't even need to wipe them with a cloth or anything. The water is so good at cleaning that it dries all by itself, and it doesn't leave any spots behind. So the windows look super clear and beautiful.

Another neat thing about the water-fed pole is that it's really tall, like a superhero's arm. So we can reach really high windows without needing to climb up on ladders or anything. This makes it safer for us to clean windows up high.

So, in simple words, water-fed pole window cleaning uses special water that doesn't leave spots, a long pole with a magical brush, and teamwork between the water and the brush to make windows sparkle and shine. It's like a wizard's trick for making windows look fantastic without any hassle!